Dan Garlen, Scuba Diver

Dan Garlen  My local dive shop: Scubadelphia


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Primary Scuba/Snorkeling Gear

FFM OTS Guardian Full Face Mask with Buddy Phone
Mask Backup Diving Mask: SeaVision Ultra with Magenta Vision Corrected Lense and Black Skirt

Snorkel Dacor snorkel with swivel and purge
Fins Sherwood Scuba Small SPINTA Fins
Neosport Bootie NeoSport Neoprene 5mm Low Top Pull On Boot

Regulator / Octopus assembly

Scubapro MK17 EVO First Stage: Scubapro MK17 (10.714.010 Evo INT 232)
SFFM_Regulator Guardian FFM integrated regulator
Sherwood octopus Octopus Sherwood Scuba S/N: W507821 (1994)
Highland SPG Backup Pressure Gauge: Highland 2" Brass & Snap SPG
Shearwater Dive Computer Transmitter Perdix AI Shearwater transmitter 13004

Dive Computer

Shearwater Dive Computer Perdix AI Shearwater 13003

Alternate Air Sources

Scubapro MK2 EVO First Stage (Octopus): Scubapro MK2 EVO/R095 (10.063.000 INT 232)
Mares Voltrex MR12 regulator SPARE Primary Regulator: Mares Voltrex MR12 second stage regulator S/N: D11143 (1994)

Buoyancy Compensator and Weights

Halcyon Traveler Pro Halcyon Traveler Pro
Halcyon Weight Pocket 2X Halcyon ACB Pockets
Weights Sea Pearls Mesh Weights    Weight4x 2 Lb  Weight2x 3 Lb  Weight2x 5 Lb


Neosport Hood NeoSport Xspan Bibbed Hood (SXH75N-L Size L - 7/5mm)
Neosport Wetsuit Neosport 7/5 Blue Wetsuit (S875MB-45 Large) with Thigh Pocket
Dive Skin Zionor Full Body Sport Rash Guard Dive Skin Suit
Wet Socks Wetsox Socks
Neosport Gloves NeoSport Gloves CWG SG20N (2mm L)


Faber Steel 100 Tank 2x Faber Steel 100 Tank with Pro Valve 13488-3442 Buoyancy: -14.11 lbs (FULL), -6.69 lbs (EMPTY)
Pony Bottle Yellow Aluminum 13cf Tank with Pro Valve
Pony Mount XS Scuba Pony Mount

Misc Clothing & Accessories

Light Big Blue Dive Light

Knife Dive Knife

Hat Columbia Omni-Shade hat

Took Kit Tool and Repair Kit, Innovative Scuba Concepts

Safety sausage Safety sausage
Finger Spool Finger Spool, 50ft, Dive Rite RE4820

Certifications / Memberships

NAUI Openwater I NAUI Advanced PADI Full Face Mask PADI Enriched Air Diver Dives Alert Network
OW Advanced FFM Nitrox Dan
NAUI Certification: Openwater I Scuba Diver
Date: 07-01-1989
Instructor: Robert Leach
Instr. no: 9267
Certification: Advanced Scuba Diver
Date: 07-01-1995
Instructor: Peter V Mowen
Instr. no: 15734
PADI Certification: Full Face Mask Diver
Diver #: 18080S1541
Date: 07-29-
Instructor: Dave Barnes
Instr. no: 239068
PADI Certification: Enriched Air Diver
Diver #: 18080S1541
Date: 08-01-2018
Instructor: Dave Barnes
Instr. no: 239068
Dives Alert Network
Family Member# 266518
Expiry Date: 01-31-2019
Emergency Hotline: 919-684-9111 (24/7)
919-684-2948 / 800-446-2671
  (M-F 8:30am to 5PM EST)

Update: 02-02-2020